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UK Centre for Carnival Arts:

UK Centre for Carnival Arts:

Bodrul Haque (1227308), Madalina Vararu (1217870), Gurvinder Singh (1227860), Banusha Partheeban (1206812) & Shaun Mundy (1204908)

Bodrul Haque (1227308), Madalina Vararu (1217870), Gurvinder Singh (1227860), Banusha Partheeban (1206812) & Shaun Mundy (1204908)

November, 2012

November, 2012

Christmas Party Plan
Christmas Party Plan

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary2
2. Introduction2
3. Audience3
4. Location4
4.1. Decorations4
5. Food & Drinks5
6. Entertainment5
6.1. Music & Dancing5
6.2. Party Games & Entertainment6
7. Promotion8
7.1. UKCCA Website & Brochure8
7.2. Social Media Marketing8
7.3. Radio Lab9
7.4. Flyer Distribution & Posters9
7.5. Direct Sales10
8. Financial Information11
8.1. Expenses11
8.2. Project Revenue11
8.3. Project Profit11
9. Conclusion12
10. Works Cited14
11. Appendices16
Appendix 1 – List of party ideas16
Appendix 2 – Cultural Background17
Appendix 3 - Decorations17
Appendix 4 – Break Even Chart19

1. Executive Summary
During the month of November 2012, Sharmeen Ahmed, the Marketing & Events Officer at the UK Centre for Carnival Arts (UKCCA) asked first year students within the Business School at the University of Bedfordshire (UoB) to help organize a Christmas party event targeted at the student population within the Luton campus. For this purpose, we have chosen a Hollywood themed Christmas party since it is a very popular theme amongst our age group due to its iconic cultural identity surrounding movie studios and movie stars. The dress code for our event, will allow guests to look their best and feel special by associating themselves with the Hollywood lifestyle. In this report we will further discuss what we are going to do in order to make this event a success through identifying our expenses, potential revenue and project profit and justifying why we consider our event to be a worthwhile investment. 2. Introduction

A long list of creatively themed party ideas has been developed for our potential event to be held at the UKCCA, through a critically focused brainstorming session. From this session, we came up with a list of 29 possible party themes that could potentially be held at the UKCCA (see Appendix 1). We then critically analysed each theme party, identifying whether it would appeal to our target audience. Based on our input as students and the market research gathered in the earlier phases we noticed that certain events would only attract a niche segment of the target within the UoB Luton campus. We did not pursue these theme parties due to the fact that even through various promotional channels we would not be able to fully maximise our profit margins due to low attendances and therefore, it would be impossible to make a return on our initial investment. Consequently, we shortened our list to just 8 theme parties and after a voting session we only considered the two most voted theme party: the Hollywood Christmas party and Heroes & Villains Christmas party. In order to narrow our choices down to just one, we then considered the pros and cons for each of the themes, and the Hollywood won by being appealing to a larger audience and having fewer cons that the Heroes & Villains theme. Within our report, we have discussed who our target audience is, how we are going to utilise the space and location at the UKCCA, the kind of food and entertainment will be on offer and the type of promotion we are going to use to attract our target audience. Since this is not a charitable event, we have also considered the financial element of organising such an event and have researched our suppliers/distributors based on the value offered for money. 3. Audience

Our Hollywood themed Christmas party is mainly targeting the student population within the UoB Luton campus. However, we believe that...
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