Parts of Typewriter and Their Functions

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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1 .Carriage Return- lever or key used for returning the carrisge to the right to start a new line. 2. Left Carriage Release- lever at the end that frees carriage so it can be moved by hand 3. Platen or Cylinder knob- handle at iether end of cylinder 4. line Space Lever or Regulator- controls space between lines 5. Platen or Cylinder- rubber roller around which the paper moves 6. Paper guide- blade against which paper is placed

7. Card Holder- presses cards and envelopes close to the cylinder. 8. Left Margin Stop- Key,lever or button used to adjust the setting of margins. 9. Printing-point Indicator- indicates scale point where machine is ready to print 10. Paper Bail- clamps the paper to cylinder

11. Right Margin Stop- lever to adjust setting of margins
12. Paper Release- loosens paper for straightening or removing 13. Right Carriage Release- lever at right to free carriage so it can be moved by hand 14. Right Platen knob- handle at end of the cylinder

15. Carriage- top moving part that carries paper
16. Backspace Key- moves carriage backone space at a time
17. Tab Set Key- places at tab stop at desired point
18. Tab Bar or Tabulator- releases carriage so it moves to a point where a tab stop has been set 19. Space bar- advances carriage one space at a time
20. Tab Clear Key- removes tab stops at a time
21. margin release- unlocks the margin stop
22. Ribbon Color Control- let disengage ribbon or any part of it like red or black if your ribbon is of two colors.
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