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Chapter – 1
Internship Report


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Origin of the Report
Internship program is a pre-requisite for acquiring MBA degree. Before completion of the degree, student must undergo the internship program. Every student under the internship program has to prepare a report based on the project or particular matching with the intern’s area of specialization and organization’s requirement. The report writing consists of Intern’s analysis, finding and achievements. This report titled “How Partnership with Stakeholders Helps to Maximize Performance in BRAC Learning Division” is prepared as internship report under the supervision of Ms. Faria Rashid, Lecturer, BRAC Business School, BRAC University and Mohammad Abdur Rahman, In-charge of BRAC Learning Division. Partnership Strategic alliances among business, government, and civil society are an established feature of social development and policy development in both mature and emerging economies. Such multi-sector partnerships are necessary because it is increasingly clear that no one sector in society can address the complexities surrounding these issues on its own. Training and development is no exception. There are many definitions of “partnership” in use today, and increasingly the term is used to describe almost any kind of collaboration. Collaborations can be called partnerships when the parties involved voluntarily share risks and pool resources and talents in order to optimize the delivery of outcomes that are viewed as mutually beneficial. Partnerships exist, in other words, when the parties recognize in their relationship a complementary commitment to contribute their core competencies in order to achieve a more complete solution to a given issue or problem. A partnership approach is an inclusive collaboration of stakeholders that can contribute in a more positive way to initiatives and policy. Single-sector approaches have been tried and found wanting in the world. Working separately, different sectors develop activities in isolation, sometimes competing with each other and/or duplicating effort and wasting resources. Partnerships, on the other hand, provide new opportunity for doing policy development or risk-mitigation projects better. As partners, sectors recognize the qualities, contributions, and competencies of one another and find new ways of harnessing these for the public good. BRAC Learning Division (BLD) always strives to do well with its ‘demand driven’ learning interventions towards achieving the organizational vision and goal as stated “to realize their (human) potential.” In the process of doing this, BLD keeps its windows open to meet the changing needs of the organization and to learn from others. Thus, they need to emphasize on strengthening partnership with its stakeholders. According to dictionary, Partnership refers to an on-going working relationship where risks and benefits are shared. BLD believes on the term ‘partnership’ as “a process in which partners are to accomplish the strategic outcome of optimizing workplace performance in support of business/ organizational goals.”

Internship Report

1.2 Objectives of the Report
The major objectives of this report are to draw and analyze the partnership practices of BRAC Learning Division and read how the partnership with stakeholders helps to maximize performance in BRAC Learning Division. This report comprises of different partners, approaches, benefits, challenges and learning from the partnership managed/ built.


1.3 Scope of the Report
This study only covers the BRAC Learning Division’s practices to strengthen the partnership with its stakeholders. It will show the significance of partnership with stakeholders and how it becomes relevant to the performance of a learning division. According to Human Resource Management, organizational performance can be maximized through various initiatives taken by an organization. They might be...
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