Partner Relations, Quality of Life, and Psychological Adjustment

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Partner Relations, Quality of Life and Psychological Adjustment


Md. Jaheed Iqbal

Partner Relations, Quality of Life and Psychological Adjustment

Submitted By Supervised By Md. Jaheed Iqbal Md. Shaheen Mollah
Roll: 07880887 Lecturer
Reg: 070379 Department of Psychology
3rd Year 2nd semester Jagannath University
Department of Psychology
Jagannath University

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the B.Sc (Honours) in Psychology.

Jagannath University, Dhaka.


I am Md.Jaheed Iqbal the students of B. Sc 3rd year second semester (Department of Psychology) Jagannath University. Hereby declare that this research on “Partner Relations, Quality of Life and PsychologicalAdjustment” is the result of my hard study.We didn’t copy any other research, though we took some helps from various sources mentioned in Acknowledgement and References. To the best of our knowledge, the study is an authentic one and if there is any misstatement that will make us sorry.

The Authors


This to certify that I have scrutinized the project entitled “Partner Relations, Quality of Life and Psychological Adjustment ”.Bearing exam roll no-07880887 and Session: 2007-08 in partial fulfillment of 3rd year 2nd semester’s project 2012 in psychology and they accomplished if all in themselves under my supervised and guidance.


Md. Shaheen Mollah
Department of Psychology Jagannath University


It is privilege as well as an obligation to express my indebtedness to a member of individual who helped in many ways to prepare this report.

It is a great pleasure to pay our regards and express profound gratitude to our project supervisor Md.Shaheen Mollah, Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Jagannath University, Dhaka; whose active support and persistent guidance provided us an exquisite perception of all fruitful knowledge and suggestion in preparing this Project. His encouragement and constant supervision helped us to complete this study successfully. It would have been very difficult for us to complete this research work without his help, co-operation and valued advice.

We want to thanks of all our friends who are well wishers and help us, especially Rafiq, Amir and Sahwon who help us and give support in conducting this study.

Thanks by

Md. Jaheed Iqbal
3rd year 2nd semester
Department of Psychology,
Jagannath University, Dhaka.


The present study investigated the relationship among religiosity, optimistic and life satisfaction. Although the positive association among these terms is well documented, much theoretical and empirical controversy surrounds the question of how religion and optimism actually shape life satisfaction. Using a new panel dataset, this study offers strong evidence for social and participatory mechanisms shaping religious and optimums impact on life satisfaction. Our findings suggest that religious people are more satisfied with their lives because they regularly attend religious services and build strong optimisms in their heart. The sample of these research 200 old persons (60+ ages, 120 males and 80 females) were selected from deferent places in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. The instruments used in this study were demographic and personal information with questionnaire, Bengali version of religion scale (Ilyas-2003), Bengali version of optimism scale (Ilyas -2004) and Bengali version life satisfaction scale Diener et al, (1985). The data were analyzed by mean, standard deviation and correction which...
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