Partition of India and Congress Committee Run

Topics: India, Partition of India, Hinduism Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Q.1 “Tamas” by Bhisham Sahni outlines the series of events of unrest during 1947 partition when Indians were not only fighting its rulers, the British but also themselves. The instability in politics led to the creation of a Muslim League which stood against the Indian Congress and demanded their own separate nation. However, the divide was not only between these two parties but also within the Indian Congress itself. This divide is explicitly described by Sahni by the example of a district congress committee run by Bakshiji. The first instance when the reader comes face to face with the congregation is during the “prabhat pheri” where the most prominent feature is the atmosphere of the novel- lively yet not because of their devotion to fighting for independence but constant bickering among fellow mates. Aziz, a young activist chastises Bakshiji for being late and the man who “walks in darkness” implicating the ignorance of Bakshiji and his lack of clear-sightedness has resulted in an uncoordinated committee. “Darkness” used to describe the nature of the head of the congregation further implies how poor co-ordination amongst Indians is a result of misguidance or lack of enthusiasm. This point is further proved when Aziz puns at Mehtaji to “piety personified” since he uses his participation in the committee as a medium to increase his insurance sales meaning that self-pursuit is the aim of many activists to which patriotism and love for the country is side-stepped. Ironically, the only member whose heart and soul is dedicated to his country, “Jarnail” is laughed upon at and is asked to deliver soul-stirring patriotic speeches solely for the sake of amusement of other participants. Their lack of participation is also witnessed during the community work of cleaning drains when members try to make excuses in order to avoid performing such a downgrading service. As a result of misguidance, the congregation starts to actually open drains which lead to outspread of...
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