Partisan Press

Topics: Legislative Assembly, Canada, British Empire Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The “partisan press” is a general characteristic of the newspaper at the time. They described the government in British North America as an “arbitrary, colonial and self-appointed regime”. However, everything should base on something which make their statements credible. Thus, determination of the regime is referred to the things that the government had done. In 1763, the British promised the citizens for an elected Assembly. However, they were actually avoid being a responsible government. People elected for the Assembly, but the Assembly couldn’t affect any action of the council. And citizens had no idea how the government was made. Moreover, the member of the Council were arbitrary. Things they had done wasn’t base on the laws. Instead, they did whatever they want and for their own benefit. For example, the legislative Council was consist of business people. They didn’t do anything good for the citizens or even think about them. Instead, they just wanted to achieve their own objectives. Their whole purpose was to make themselves become richer and the poor people couldn’t have the chance to be richer or be educated. At the same time, it’s not only random but also a self-appointed regime. The power of the government was always controlled by a group of people instead of electing by the citizens. Because the Legislative Assembly which promised by the British had no connection between any Councils. And the relationship between the Governor and the Council was circulating. The Governor appointed the member of the Council and the member of the Council advised the governors. Last but not the least, the government was also colonial. There were various types of people and the three well known groups were French Canadians, first nations, and British Colonist. However, two-third of the main groups were not native. Thus culture clashes was always a big concern. By integrating all the symptom above, people were extremely “sick”. They barely had rights, everything had been...
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