Participating in Project Planning as a Project Planner

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Participating in Project Planning as a Project Planner

Projects are different from standard business operational activities. They are unique in nature, have a defined timescale, an approved budget and limited resources, involve an element of risk, and achieve beneficial change. (Westland, 2006) Project planning is part of project cycle (Initiating-planning-executing-closing), contributing with other stages to undertake a project successfully, which defines all activities and resources, and establishes schedules and other plans while producing the project management plan. In order to efficiently handle the responsibilities in project planning and management, the successful project planner must possess the following characteristics: logical thinking and problem solving, resource forecasting, business process expertise in cost budgeting and estimating, risk analysis, critical path diagramming and analysis, change control, communication skills, and PM software and related database tools expertise. As a participator in developing a project plan, the project planner usually: 1. Defines the problem to be solved by the project

The first step towards creating a project plan is to define the project objectives, scope, goals and requirements for the project. Together these terms provide direction for a project team to successfully meet the stakeholder expectations. At this early stage it is useful to involve key people who will have responsibility for executing the major parts of the project and to brainstorm what has to be done. Checklist from previous and similar project may be helpful. (Aitken, 2000) 2. Develops a mission state

Develop a mission state, followed by statements of major objectives and goals. Normally, the specification contains errors, ambiguities and enough rope to hang the entire team. The clarity will reveal misunderstandings. Thus before you embark upon the next six months of activity working on the wrong project, you must ensure that everyone...
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