Part a Critical Analysis of Project Management Plan

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Part A Critical Analysis of Project Management Plan


Executive Summary


Table of Contents


1 Introduction

            This report will present the critical analysis about humanities financial services review project management plan. The purpose of the report is to apply the different theories and ideas regarding the project management plan. The main purpose of the critical analysis is to critique as well as evaluate somebody’s work based on the opinion, idea and perspective of someone. It is an academic report that contains a description of the project plan (part B) as well as its content.

            This report will also express the opinion of the author with regards to the different part of the project management plan that has chosen. It will analyze the whole project plan by breaking down the project into parts and then studying and evaluating each and every part using the support and help of different references from different books, journals and other related studies.

            This report will also show the importance of a project plan and who will be benefited from its use and implementation. The structure of the report will follow the structure of the chosen project plan. It will individually analyze the different part or aspect of the project plan based on the project management body of knowledge. The main focus of the report is to give analysis about the different important aspect of the project management plan such as the time or schedule, money or cost, human resource or work breakdown structure as well as different risk that can be encountered by the project during the implementation of the plan.

2 Project Background

2.1 Information about the Work

            2.1.1 Title: Humanities Financial Services Review Project Management Plan

            2.1.2 Author: Craig Medley

            2.1.3 Publication Information: Project Id HUM-PR-P1, v. 04 Draft, August 30, 2007, from ent_Plan_2007.pdf

2.2 Project Description

            The chosen document focuses on the plan for the management of the humanities financial services review project. It was written in order to show or review the different areas or aspects of the newly implemented new transactional systems in November 2007, with an upgrade to the finance one to the Concur and BPI in Humanities only. It can help to know the different processes and flow of data and information of its accounting and purchasing transactions across each and every division (Medley 2007, p.4).

            The Faculty of the Humanities of the Curtin University of the Technology offers different courses in Media, Communications, Built Environment, Art and Design, Education, Languages, Human Services as well as Social Sciences. All f the said courses are only few of the courses that the said department of the Curtin University is offering (Faculty of Humanities 2008). The project plan focuses on the implementation of the finance and accounting system of the department that focuses on the needs of the users of the system like invoicing, ordering, approving, reconciling, access to the system, structure of the outputs, skills and request and access for the different outputs (Medley 2007, p.4).

            The project management plan will help the current system to improve its operations and increase the security that will eventually help to meet the demands and needs of the different stakeholders or users.

3 Structure and contents of the Project Plan

3.1 Project Management Plan and Its Purpose

3.1.1 What is Project Plan?

            Project management plan or simply project plan is a document that corresponds to the overall purposes or objectives, responsibilities, resource requirements and agenda for the project (Baker & Baker 2003, p.29). It is considered as more than a playbook that determine what are the different works or task that are need to done and accomplish...
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