Part Time Recruitment Guidelines by Ugc

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  • Published : June 12, 2011
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University Grants Commission Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi 110002 SPEED POST No. F. 10-1/2009 (PS) The Registrar. All Central/Deemed/State Universities, All State Education Secretaries, All Regional Offices of the U GC. Sub.:Revised Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of Guest/Part-Time Teachers. Sir/Madam, I am directed to say that the UGC has accepted the recommendation of VI Pay Review Committee regarding revised guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of Guest/Part Time Teachers. The UGC has decided that the Guest/Part-time Teachers who possess the minimum qualification for the post of an Assistant Professor should be paid Rs.1,000/- per lecture to a maximum of Rs.25,000/- per month. Revised guidelines for the appointment of Guest/Part-time Teachers are as under:1. Guest/Part-time Teachers may be appointed only against sanctioned post. 2. The qualifications for Guest/Part time Teachers should be same as those prescribed for the regular teachers of Universities/Colleges in UGC’s Regulation. 3. Selection procedure for appointing Guest/Part time Teachers should be the same as for a regularly appointed teachers. 4. Guest/Part time Teachers may not be treated like regular teachers of the faculty for the purpose of voting rights or for becoming the members of the boards of studies. 5. Retired teachers may also be considered for appointment for Guest/Part time teachers. 6. Guest/Part time teachers may not be given the benefit of allowances, pension, gratuity etc. These guidelines will come into force w.e.f.1.1.2010. The contents of the letter may be brought to the notice of all the affiliated Colleges/Institutions. February,2010

Yours faithfully,

(B.K. Singh) Deputy Secretary

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