Part Time Jobs Essay

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Nowadays, taking up jobs has been a common predilection of teenagers in many countries despite the fact that they are still students. Although many people condemn this tendency as it may distract the students from their main objective of learning, I think it is rather beneficial because doing jobs can help the students prepare for their future careers and learn to appreciate money and become more independent.

Good preparation can be a key factor for one’s successful career, teenagers can get such preparation by taking up jobs when they are still studying. Not only do the teenagers get valuable experience but they also acquire communicating skills and tolerance for unpleasant customers. Doing jobs means that one has to communicate with many people, especially customers, so good communicating skill can easily be achieved by him or her. Moreover, interacting with different kinds of customers, teenagers can be more tolerant towards picky and unpleasant customers. For example, working in a Mc Donald’s or KFC restaurant, one will have to communicate with hundreds of customer everyday.

Beside useful preparation for their future career, teenagers will definitely have better appreciation of money when doing jobs. Spending money earned by their parents, teenagers will not appreciate such money and be able to learn how to mange their own finance. Working for their own sakes, teenagers will certainly know how hard earning a living is. Therefore, encouraging teenagers to take up jobs is an ideal way to teach them to fully appreciate money. For instance, Paris Hilton, a young celebutan who inherits a great deal of money from her parents, depreciates and wastes it on parties.

Last but not least, taking up jobs when still studying, teenagers will become more independent. Taking up jobs means that teenagers have more tasks than just studying well. Therefore, they will learn to manage their time effectively. Moreover, doing jobs provides teenagers with some income for...
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