Part-Time Job Questionnaire

Topics: Workweek, Working time, Part-time Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: February 26, 2011
1. What types of the part-time job do you have now (Tick one answer)? A. on campus B. off campus
2. Why did you choose a part-time job (Make the following things in order. 1=the most important reason and 5 =the least important reason)? A. to earn money ________
B. to gain experience ________
C. to making friends ________
D. for interested ________
E. to improving yourself and achieve self-worth ________
F. other ________
3. Do you think it is necessary for a student to have a part-time job (Tick one answer)? [pic]
4. What time do you usually choose a part-time job (Tick one answer)? A. on workday B. on weekend
5. What is your major concern for you to choose a part-time job (You can choose more than one answer)? A. Salary B. working hours C. can improve yourself D. working condition E. Location, close to home F. safety G. other________

6. How do you think part-time job can improve your society ability (Tick one answer)? Strongly agree 1 2 3 4 strongly disagree
7. How many hours do you work on part-time job per week (Tick one answer)? A. below 5 hours B. between 5~10 hours
C. between 10~15 hours D. over 15 hours
8. Do you think your working time and studying time is balance now? A. yes B. no
9. Do you think the work affect you study (Tick one answer)? A. yes, positive B. yes, negative C. no
10. Can you explain the choice you made in the question 9?
11. What did you reward from the part-time job?
A. Money B. Experience C. Friends
D. Confidence E. Happiness F. other ________
12. Which reward do you think can help you find a good job in the future?[pic]

By Si Chen 22/2/2011 -----------------------



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