Part Time Job

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Working Part Time: Helpful or Harmful?
How it Can Help:
Manage Your Time
Before you go apply for a part-time job, think about how you will handle juggling work and schoolwork. Consider these strategies for making it work: * Talk about your schedule with a trusted friend or family member * Don’t commit to working a lot of hours immediately

* Avoid time conflicts by planning ahead
Adding work to the mix of studying, school and social life forces students to prioritize their time and maintain a regular schedule. Requires You to Be Responsible
When you start working part time, you will learn the importance of responsibilities. You will also gain a sense of accomplishment with each paycheck, and the chances are, you won’t waste that money the way you’ve been spending your parents’. Active & Involved

Most college jobs are either on or around campus, so they’re hot spots for meeting people your age while you earn some extra cash. Working while in college, especially if you’re on campus working in the library or auditorium, helps you create an on-campus presence. You’ll know what’s going on and have insider information about upcoming events. For off-campus opportunities, look online for jobs that are near your campus and popular for students, such as coffee shops, fitness centers or smoothie bars. How It Hurts:

Excessive Stress
Some stress is good. We’ve talked about it at Caveman College. Our mind and body feel stress when we have to overcome a challenge, but the stress can improve our cognitive performance, according to But I did say “some” stress. Too much can cause headaches, high-blood pressure, depression and emotional disorders that lead to even more serious heath problems. If not managed correctly, or if the situation is wrong, it can be excessively stressful, which will negatively effect your health and grades. Takes a lot of Time

Working, studying, sleeping, exercising, going to class and having a social life will...
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