Part One Forest Gump

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  • Published : January 10, 2007
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Pvt Purnell
Part One Forest Gump

Throughout the movie Forest Gump, the character Forest Gump demonstrates many of the necessary qualities of a successful leader. As he grows from a boy to a man, his home life aids in the development of his leadership characteristics. The most influential being in his life was his mother, who taught him lessons about how to be a great person. These lessons are the basis of his success in both his leadership in the military and his life. Forest had a very rough childhood. He was born crippled and was harassed because of it in school. This gave him a motive to be a better person and treat everyone with love and respect. Although Forest Gump wasn't the smartest man, he was still a great leader as well as a great follower. When Forest joined the military, he was told what to do. This can be attributed to the life lessons that he was taught by his mother. He would be asked to check holes for mines and other dangerous duties like that. In my opinion, this boosted Forest's confidence and let him believe in himself. When attacked, Forest was the only one unable to outrun the bombs and such that were injuring his peers. He displayed many qualities essential to a great leader such as honor, loyalty, honesty, and courage. However, Forest wasn't the smartest man and he often would wind up doing his platoon's dirty work. However, Forest, because of his lower IQ, probably didn't understand the severity of the event. Nevertheless, Forest was given many awards due to his excellent display of leadership. Without fail, he promptly followed out his orders. He would not know that he was doing anything dangerous because he felt as if his leader, Lieutenant Dan, would never put him in a dangerous situation intentionally. I believe students should watch this movie because it gives them the experience needed on how to be a better...
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