Part of Chapter 1 of Impact of Eletronic Banking in Nigeria

Topics: Bank, Computer, Online banking Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: February 22, 2013
The Nigeria banking industry has witnessed a lot of changes since the mid 1980’s and this is reflected in the increased volume and complexity of bank operations, increased innovations and varieties in product and service delivery. These development have not only been technology driven but have influenced move technological advances. Information technology which is the foundation of modern electronic banking through desktop computers and terminals provide the tools for delivery of new products and innovations characterized by ATM’s cash dispensers, credit and cash card, information technology through electronic banking is seriously changing how banking is done all over the world. The volume and speed of banking transactions has improved tremendously as a reject of the growth of electronic banking which has created a lot of changes and business opportunities for banks. What used to be termed electronic data processing has been transformed into electronic banking through information technology. The change in terminology reflects on equivalent transformation of the use of the computer from automation of paper flow to reduction in unit cost the replacement of manual with computer processing to today’s focus on electronic product and service delivery which has become the underlying ethos in today’s banking with a shift in adopting to a consumers market Internet banking is gaining ground. Banks increasingly operate websites through which customers are able not only to inquire about account balances and interest and exchange rates but also to conduct a range of transactions. Unfortunately, data on Internet banking are scarce, and differences in definitions make cross-country comparisons.

According to Anyawaokoro, M. (1999). Electronic banking is defined as the application of computer technology to banking especially the payment (deposit transfer) aspects of banking. He also defined electronic banking as a...
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