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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Part Bii

Overall the impact of the First World War was great. In this paper I will be evaluating and analysing 3 representations and using my own knowledge to discover British civilians reactions to their experiences of the Second World War. After analysing all 3 representations and using my own knowledge, I will make a judgement as to which one I think best represents the civilians reactions to the Second World War.

Representation 1 is an online article from Student Pulse written by Craig Stewart-Hunter and published in 2011. This representation says that the morale was a ‘myth’ which suggests it believes the civilians weren’t happy and high spirited as the propaganda makes them look. This representation suggests that civilians in Britain suffered during the Second World War. As the purpose of this article is to critically analyse and inform, it is most likely consists of facts and is most likely not biased. Having learnt about government propaganda at that time and knowing that the war wasn’t what people thought it was, I would say this article is pretty much reliable. Also it was written very recently (2011) therefore would have no reason to be biased as it wouldn’t particularly have any pressure from the government to make the war sound good. However I do believe some aspects of this article have been exaggerated as during the Blitz people did come together to support each other for things such as seeking shelter in friends or relatives houses or ‘rest centers’ run by the WVS. this source is useful if you wanted to know all about the civilians reactions to the Blitz, however I want to learn about he civilians reactions to the Second World War therefore this representation is not very useful. It only gives details on one aspect and only considers the negatives. informing the readers on positive aspects aswell would turn this article into a more informative and insightful piece.

Representation 2 is the front cover of a British comic named Red Dagger....
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