Parsons Argue of Marital Breakdowns

Topics: Sociology, Feminism, Family Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Wilmot and young studied that changing the structure of the British family form extended to nuclear, they reckoned that the increase in the nuclear family meant that joint conjugal roles would develop. They predicted that equal and shared responsibilities would be the future norm in British families. Ann Oakley pointed out that their study only required men to do a few things around the house to qualify having joint roles. The methodology overlooked the amount of time spent on households making ten minutes washing up equivalent to one hours hovering, Oakley’s research found it was pretty rare for men to do a lot of housework.

Oakley thinks that the role of the housewife was socially constructed by the social changes of the industrial revolution, for example when people started going out to work in the factories rather than at home. Oakley found that women took in a double burden (doing paid work, working in the house and looking after the children). From a feminist perspective the family helps to maintain the exciting social orders, feminist call the existing social order patriarchy, patriarchy is the combination of systems, ideology and culture practices which make sure men have power. Feminist theories argue that the family supports and reproduces inequalities between men and women. The real idea is that women are dependent on men.

The three main strands of feminist are Marxist feminist sees the exploitation of women as essential to the success of the capitalism, it is cost free because society accepts housework to be unpaid. Radical feminist theories also highlights housework as an area of exploitation of women as being down to the domination of men in society radical feminist believe men will always oppress women. Liberal feminist emphasise the culture norms and values which are reinforced by the family and by other institution of the society and believe the family is only sexist because it supports the man stream structure. All strands of...
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