Parole and Mandatory Release

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Parole and Mandatory Release
Sina Tuttle
September 12, 2012
Jerry Shoate

Parole and Mandatory Release
Parole is defined as the early release of a convicted offender who has served a portion of his or her prison sentence (CJi Interactive Learning Modules, 2012). The parolee is released under the supervision of a parole officer. The parolee must check-in with the parole office on a daily or weekly basis depending on how parole board and parole office setup the supervision requirements. The parole officer helps in assisting the parolee with getting into programs which serve as motivation factors for the parolee to make positive changes in their behavior and also to help in reintegrating back into his or her community which in turn will provide a productive lifestyle for the released offender. NOTE: The court systems can recommend the convicted offender be placed on parole after serving a portion their sentence, but it is up to the parole board to decide whether or not the offender is ready to be released from prison and put back into society. Mandatory release from prison is also called “the max-out date”. When mandatory release is given to the convicted offender, he or she has served their maximum sentence and does not have to be placed on probation or parole nor does the offender have to be placed on supervised parole or probation. The offender does not have to perform any type of community service or attend programs for rehabilitation. The mandatory release and parole policies provided to the convicted offenders of violent crimes involve an eight step process. These eight steps and/or policies include information that is provided for the offenders and their lawyers, the parole officers assigned to the convicted offender, and the parole board members. The eight steps and/or policies include: * An official application filed by the convicted offender and his or her lawyer for a parole hearing * Files prepared by the parole officer on the...
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