Parliamentary Debate Rules and Procedures

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Mock Parliamentary Debate
Procedures and Rules
Procedures & Rules of Parliamentary Debate (Mock Parliamentary 2010) Procedures:
The two (2) teams having assembled at the allotted time, the following sequence of activities will apply: 1. Session to be called to order by the speaker (Lecturer) 2. A prayer to be rendered by one of the participants

3. The session to be declared open by the speaker.
4. Welcome remarks and introduction of panel of judges by the speaker (optional) 5. Speaker will call the presenter of the motion indicating that there is a motion standing in the name of the member. The member will then proceed to present the motion to the Honorable House after which, a member will rise and indicate to the speaker that he/she seconds the motion, Thereafter, the mover will proceed with his/her arguments. 6. The order of speaking and allotted time will be as follows: * Government, Prime Minister 10 minutes.

* Opposition Leader10 minutes
* Government Member5 minutes
* Opposition Member5 minutes
* Government Member5 minutes
* Opposition Member5 minutes

Break15 minutes
* Opposition Rebuttal5 minutes
(Leader of the Opposition)

* Government Rebuttal5 minutes
(Prime Minister)5 minutes
NB. This sequence may be altered depending on who brings the motion to the house. 7. At the end of the debate, the question shall be put to the House. However, the outcome i.e. The majority support or rejection will have no hearing whatsoever on the points awarded to the teams. NB. This is merely observance of Parliamentary procedures.

Rules of the Debate
1. The motion/resolution shall known to each team prior to the debate and the Government team shall be the defender of the motion. 2. Members of either side shall be the defender of the motion. 3. No member shall be referred to by name but by...
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