Parle Agro

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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* About Parle agro-
* Parle agro is reputed brand in existing market which is differentiate from other brand. It’s a brand who brought a revolution in market by launching packed mineral water. * Parle agro do compete with other brand and can be identified easily for example * “Mr. Anil Varma is a regional sales manager in Parle agro ,his day starts with a sip of Taj Mahal Tea, He then glances over the business Headlines in Economic Times, and gets a refreshing bath with Cinthol soap .He wears a Raymond suit and, picks up his BlackBerry handset so as to drive to work with a goal to achieve profits for Parle agro.” * Sir I am thank full to you for giving me a golden opportunity to work with such reputed brand which will help me in gaining more knowledge which I can use them in my academics. * Parle agro`s marketing is armed with four major weapons in its arsenal for fighting a marketing war fare. These four weapons are –product, price, place, promotion. The first of these weapons is Product, a crucial element of marketing mix. Product and market are two essentials of successful marketing. * Product

* Quality-high quality product
* Brand-Parle Agro
* Variety-beverage , snack food, Confectionery.
* Packaging- self-explanatory, attractive, innovative in appy of Rs-5/- * Range-beverage -appy , snack food- hippo-round-round, munchies. Softies, joystick. * Price
* Quantity discount-net rate according to purchase.
* Mode of Payment-cash according to bill ammount
* Value Pricing=VALUE > COST
* Place
* Area coverage- the area given to distributor divided into 12 beats * Location –Pune
* Warehousing-godown of distributor
* Channels of distribution-two level channel, the intermediaries between producer and consumer are distributor and retailer. * Distributors-allocated according to given area by company. * Retailers- covered according to the respective beats.

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