Parkinson's Disease Outline

Topics: Parkinson's disease, Tremor, Michael J. Fox Pages: 3 (525 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Parkinson’s disease
Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that often impairs motor skills, speech, and other functions, and has no known cure (Wikipedia). It affects about 100,000 Canadians and 1.6 million people worldwide (Parkinson’s Society Canada). Diagnosis can be difficult especially in the early stages due to symptom overlap with other diseases. Early signs are often dismissed as signs of normal aging, in Michael J Fox’s case his twitchy finger was discovered early in his life at age 30 which is extremely young, average onset is around 60 years old (CTVglobemedia). Parkinson’s is highly individual it affects people in many different ways and progresses at different rates, its highly unpredictable there are common traits such as tremors, stiffness, loss of speech, and ability to get their bodies to do what they want, in common. James Parkinson (1817) published an essay describing Shaking Palsy, [An Essay on Shaking Palsy] he observed patients and described their actions, 60 years later the disease was named after him.

Research Question
What causes Parkinson’s disease?

Working Thesis
What is Parkinson’s and how can you live with it?

I. What causes Parkinson’s?
a. Genetics (VIARTIS)
b. Gender (Marjama-Lyons, J., Shomon, M.J.)
c. Age (Marjama-Lyons, J., Shomon, M.J.)
d. Ethnicity (Marjama-Lyons, J., Shomon, M.J.)
e. Geographic Region (Marjama-Lyons, J., Shomon, M.J.) f. Toxic Environmental Exposures (, PubMed, VIARTIS, WebMD) g. Viral Infections (Marjama-Lyons, J., Shomon, M.J.)

h. MPTP (street drug) (PubMed,VIARTIS)
i. Estrogen Deficiency (Marjama-Lyons, J., Shomon, M.J.) j. Other Factors
i. Caffeine
ii. Nicotine/cigarettes
II. What are the symptoms? (Norman, S., Troster, A., Fields, J.A., Brooks, R.) k. Emotional and mental symptoms
iii. Depression
iv. Anxiety...
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