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Campus Parking
NMSU Students’

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I will be covering the issues on the New Mexico State’s parking setup and how it can be improved. The parking on campus is not efficient enough for New Mexico State’s busy campus life, there is chaos and clutter all around campus during class regular class hours. Also the shuttles routes are not sufficient enough to keep up with busy college students’. Parking permits and select permit parking lots can be improved or changed. The Parking issues does not only affect the student drivers on campus but it also affects faculty and staff on campus. This problem can easy be solved with simple changes and modifications to the regulations already in place. “Hundreds of University has parking issues on campus and it only gets worse with the growing population” (Aubrey, 2011). Most of the University’s that have faced parking issues on their campus added parking structures or more parking lots or closing the campus to cars in all. I believe that New Mexico State doesn’t need to go to these extremes; I propose that NMSU parking and transportation department should run a routine shuttle from free parking lots and back to main campus without pickup stops. The department can also make every lot a same permit parking lot. Finally NMSU can lower the price of permits for more permit parkers and less free parkers. I will back up my propels by doing my own research and answering some research questions I believe will be prime to answer to receive the best possible feedback for my solutions. The questions I will answer; -Why are shuttles so inefficient for free parkers?

-How many parking permits are sold each year?
-How much money does NMSU make on permits and citations?
-What does NMSU spend the money they make on Permits and citations on? - Will NMSU lose money by lowering the cost of permits?
Throughout this paper I will go over the methods I used to answer my research questions I will also discuss my research I obtained from my research methods. Finally I will conclude my paper with recommendations I have obtained from my research. Research Methods

The research methods I used were ideal for my proposal, I interviewed employees from the transportation and parking departments’ and also student drivers with and without permits. I created a survey and streamed out to student drivers with parking permits on campus and others who did not have permits.

For my Interviews, I interviewed Stella Altamirano, Parking office manager and Ophelia Watkins, Director of transportation. My Interview with Ms. Altamirano was hard fact hard answer. I asked her all the same research questions I had. Why are shuttles so inefficient for free parkers? How many parking permits are sold each year? How much money does NMSU make on permits and citations? What does NMSU spend the money they make on Permits and citations on? Will NMSU lose money by lowering the cost of permits? Her answers are as followed respectively, “our shuttles run routes from free parking to different locations on campus back to free parking lots picking up and dropping of students in between” (personal communication, April 23, 2013). For the next questions she had no real answer she told me to do the math, there are over 14,000 people on campus every day and with 7,900 of those people have permits selling at 50 dollars a sticker. From my calculations that is $395,000 each year not including the citations. Ms.Altamirano also stated that “ NMSU uses the money they receive from the permits and citations for parking lot up keep and campus transportation” (personal communication, April 23, 2013). For the final question Ms.Altamirano told me that the lowering of permit cost will cause only more chaos because NMSU will be selling more permits than permit parking spaces. With this interview I obtained great feedback...
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