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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Jason Hendrix
Megan Martin
Parking for commuters
Parking spots for commuter students at ulm is an issue, because the all of the commuter parking is far from most classes. There are many parking spots closer to the center of campus that would work well for the students commuting every day. Most people will agree that there are parking spots being wasted in the middle of campus.

In my situation, I am commuting around thirty minutes to and from school and when I get there, most of the parking spots that are near my class. On most occasions I have to park in b.f.e. so when I do get parked I am a good five minutes away from class. I am not the only one that this happens to either, there is always someone speed walking to try and make it to class on time. Unlike the students who live on campus, commuters have to wake up a good hour earlier and maybe even earlier if there is any possibility that there may be road work. So when we get to school after going through all that trouble the stress of getting to class still is not over.

The only commuters who get good parking spots are the ones who get to school for their eight o’clock class at seven in the morning. I am not going to act like I would be one of those kids being responsible and getting there early. All I want is for all the parking spots reserved for people who park and leave their cars parked all day to be more in the area where commuters park now. If they did that commuters would be able to park a lot closer to their class than they can now, thus making commuters more able to be on time to class.

Residential student parking should be put further away from the middle of campus. I can drive through campus and see the same cars parked in the same place for days. All that parking is ideal for commuter students. All you would have to do is move the residential parking to a more out of the way location. Doing this along with making some of the teacher parking available for commuters would have a...
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