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  • Published : February 27, 2012
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The Parker Team Player Survey assesses the results of individuals’ assets to a team providing information on how to make best use of their strengths and develop a plan for addressing their weaknesses. It is important because everyone on a team can identify different styles and be able to accept constructive criticism. This survey also helps identify different styles that may contrast and complement each member of a team.

After completing and calculating my score with the Team Player Style Survey, my scores included the following:

• Contributor - 51

• Collaborator - 57

• Communicator - 48

• Challenger – 46

I interpreted my scores as a leader that needs assistance with fellow teammates to ensure the goals and tasks that are provided are fulfilled. I also see ways to improve my abilities in the areas of communication and challenger so that I can become a better teammate and team leader.

A member of my organization’s fire and safety committee completed the Team Player Style Survey on scored the following on my assessment as his teammate:

• Contributor - 54

• Collaborator - 51

• Communicator - 41

• Challenger – 48

My teammate and I discussed how our scores were close but added that my personality was a “work in progress” as I have a Marine Corps demeanor that can be intimidating to others within my team. A big gap between my vision and my peer’s vision was the role of a communicator. We also talked about being more vocal in future meetings to provide more status updates with information and research to allow a better preparation and garnish more support within our team. Though we agree to disagree on the best delivery method of communication, I do value the feedback on improving myself.

The most important orientation with my current role at work is being task oriented as a Collaborator. This role doesn’t have a lot of responsibility for the overall goals of my team; however the information...
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