Park Police

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  • Published : February 10, 2011
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What is the difference between park police and state trooper police? The difference is that state trooper police deals with things such as Enforcing the criminal and motor vehicle laws of the State of Maryland, Investigating traffic accidents, Investigating and completing criminal investigations, Providing basic medical attention to ill and injured persons, Issuing traffic citations and warnings, Interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects, Writing field reports, Arresting and processing suspects, and last but not least Preparing cases for court and testifying in court. Then on the other half we have park police who primary difference is the jurisdiction, as park police work within specific areas designated by the National Park Service. USPP officers patrol park areas, monitoring for criminal activity, conduct investigations and apprehend suspected criminals. They may also be called upon to provide protective services to U.S. monuments and memorials.  I feel that it is extremely important to know about the different types of polices for several reasons and one is because if you plan on entering into law enforcement and having a career as a police officer then I think it is important to know the different types of polices and what they do and where they have jurisdiction. Also I think it is important to know the difference between your polices because they all have different rules and laws the way they go by things may be totally different from another department. There might be a department such as park police who may do something such as pulling an innocent person over for something there not allowed to do. Example a park police might pull you over for suspended tags when he can only do that if he has a reason such as a tail light out or something. But if you did happing to know that officer didn’t have the power to do that than you would have more of an advantage of winning your case if you had to go to court. Those are several reasons I think people should...
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