Parison and Contrast

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Teachers have a lot of responsibilities because they are passing knowledge to the students while educating, counseling and coaching. I study English translation major in Quchan Islamic Azad University and I have a course by the name of ‘’ Research methodologies in translation‘(in) this semester. There are two teachers who teach this course, (which) therefore I should choose the course with one of them, so, I am going to compare their characteristics and also teaching styles. Both of them are professionals in the research field and their names are Mr.X and Mrs.Y.Mr.X has a PhD. In linguistics and Mrs.Y (PhD) in TEFL.They have (a) very different styles of teaching and their personal characteristics are quite different. A major difference between the two is how they behave towards the students. Mr.X is very polite and respects (to) all the students and always treats them well and (honorabally) honorably. He is very easygoing, he can easily forgive us for our mistakes and reminds us not to repeat (it) them. For example , once one of the students got stuck in the traffic jam and came late to the class (late) for about ten minutes. He let him come in.On the other hand,Mrs. Y is very strict (to) with us. She is not easygoing and in her opinion (attitude), the first mistake is the last one! She gave a rule that ‘’no one should (can) come into the class after her’’. Both of the teachers have (a) good sense of humor. For instance, Mrs.Y always starts a lesson with a funny story or a quiz so as to attract our attention to her lecture.In the same way ,Mr. X often tells us a piece of funny story to help us relax when we feel tired or stressed. The style of teaching is another major difference between these two teachers. Mrs.Y is a teacher who teaches in several universities. She likes to follow the program and is very organized , she has all her classes prepared in power point slides and gives the same example to all of her pupils (class members), and she never pushes...
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