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Porter’s five forces

To describe the football club Paris Saint Germain’s competitive environment, it is subservient to use Porter’s five forces, Which composed from the threat of entrant, the power of suppliers, the power of consumers, the threat of substitutes and the competitive rivalry (which is influenced by the former four).

Threat of entrants

The number of possible entrants is quite limited, because the PSG is not an industrial company, so we can’t describe as it would be that, but it still could be some new entrants. Of course there can be new teams established, but it’s not a usual thing, and these teams also have to start their carrier in the last division, so they don’t have too much influence on the PSG. On the other hand there are changes in the participant of the Ligue 1 (the French first division), because the last three play against the first three of the second division for the right to play in the first division, so there are new opponents year by year. Beside these many French team can get new owner, thus new financial resources (like PSG), therefore they have more opportunity to buy players, improve their team and get more attention. Additionally it could cause anticipated entry wars, if they want to buy the same players etc. Power of suppliers

The suppliers have two different groups: the first one is the group what supply to the team, and the other is what supply from the team. The first group is based on the talent and player seekers, the lawyers, who can get the players, and the sponsors who give more financial resource for these transfers and payments. The members in the second group present the games, the news and every in connection with the team to the spectators. The TV channels, the social media takes a huge part in it, cause these deliver the most of the information (matters what quality), and these can influence people with bad or good critiques and stuff like that.

Power of buyers

The buyers or in this case...
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