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Paris Hilton

By | November 2012
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Paris Hilton's decision to add a miniature pig to her ever-growing bunch of pets has PETA and a few others seeing red. Self-proclaimed animal lover Paris Hilton recently bought a mini-pig to add to the veritable menagerie of animals she keeps at her Los Angeles home. The tiny pigs, which grow to a full weight of around 29 pounds, are super cute and the hottest trend in pets at the moment in the US. Prices start at US$3,500 for the kind Paris purchased and go as high as $4,500. . The pigs really are adorable, although the site refers to her as ‘Paris Hilton animal lover extraordanair.' "So excited for my new piglette to come home to me," Hilton Tweeted, revealing she plans to call her little porker Princess Piglette. PETA, never a fan of the Hilton for her unrepentant fur-wearing ways, was certainly not impressed by Paris' piggy purchase. The organisation claims the heiress sets a ‘wretched example' of pet ownership by treating her pets as though they're ‘as disposable as her friends and fiancés.' "The Chihuahuas, ferrets and kinkajous she's paraded through her home in the past were not accessories, and pot-bellied pigs aren't either," PETA sniped in a recent press release. How does someone who claims to be the ‘single busiest person on the planet' (I suppose Barack Obama's just sitting around on his arse then?) have time to spend with all these animals? The short answer is, she doesn't. She ‘loves' animals, but not in the nice, normal way that you and I do. Can you imagine her cleaning up cat vomit, giving sick dogs medicine, or sponging a turd off the carpet? Not likely. Unlike celebrity dog lovers like Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore and Oprah Winfrey, the only time Paris is photographed with her dogs is when she's pimping out their cute factor for her own ends. Of course, every follower of celebrity knows of her original Chihuahua, Tinkerbell. The heiress has since added another 16 dogs to her brood, admitting to Ellen DeGeneres on her show last year that...

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