Parents Worry Too Much

Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Parents Worry Too Much.
Even though parents mean the best for their children, most parent’s tend to worry about things that can be beyond their control. I can speak directly on this because I am a parent even though I am a fairly new parent, I am still a parent and I know that I worry about protecting my child to the fullest extent. Sometimes as parents the worry we have for our children can actually be damaging in a way, as crazy as that sounds.

As parents we worry because we don’t want anything to happen to our children and we want to be able to save our children from the harsh lessons that the world has to offer. In reality as parents we can only do so much because the fact of the matter is we give our children knowledge on how to handle certain situations, we also give guidance so they can be directed even when we are not around to direct them, and we also offer our children discipline knowing that we would rather teach them a lesson than to have them learn the hard way. After we have tried our best to direct our children all we can do is hope that they listen and apply these things to their everyday life, but the fact remains that we as parents are not able to be around our children twenty four hours out of the day, with that being said that’s where the worrying comes into play. We worry the most when our kids are not around us and not because we don’t trust but because we live in a cruel world and we are aware that anything can happen at any given time and most people are afraid of the unknown. We don’t want our kids to stray we would like to think that the things that we instill in them will stick with them for the rest of our lives, but the reality of situation is that we have all been a child once upon a time in our life and we know that things such as peer pressure and trying to fit in can come into play and leave a child forgetting everything that the parent has worked so hard to teach them. In my opinion when a child reaches a certain age he/she...
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