Parents Working Abroad That Affect Their Children's Mindset

Topics: Stomach, Digestive system, Digestion Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: February 22, 2011
FIVE major regions:
* is the beginning of the stomach and is the section of the stomach where food enters from the esophagus through a one way valve called the esophageal sphincter. * The cardia also contains glands that secrete mucus.

* Where the contents of the esophagus empty into the stomach.

* allows for the collection of stomach gasses and also stores undigested food. * Cells in the fundus secrete mucus and produce hormones that assist in digestion. * It is the upper most portion of the stomach that curves upward from the cardia and forms a curve at the top of the stomach.

Corpus or Body
* It is the main body of the stomach with an inner small curve called the lesser curvature and an outer larger curve called the greater curvature. * Inside the corpus are folds and ridges formed by the internal wall of the stomach. These are called rugae or rugal folds.

Pyloric Antrum
* It is the location of several important endocrine cells including Gastrin-producing G Cells (stimulate acid production) and the luminal-pH-sensitive population of somatostatin producing of D cells (responsible for shutting off acid secretion.


* The lower section of the organ that facilitates emptying the contents into the small intestine.| * The pylorus is divided into the pyloric antrum nearer the corpus and the pyloric canal which empties into the duodenum. * There is also a sphincter valve at the end of the pyloric canal that opens to allow the digested food to enter the duodenum where the food will be further processed.

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