Parents Should Take More Responsibility on Vandalism by Teenagers. Do You Agree with That Statement?

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  • Published : March 25, 2007
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The issue whether parents should take more responsibility on vandalism by teenagers has always remained a controvercy. First of all, what is vandalism? Definition of vandalism is abuse of public property or personal amenities. Places where vandalism most likely to occur are in public parks, schools, recreation centers and plazas. Usually many of us feel that the 13 to 19 age group is primarily responsible for acts of vandalism.

In my opinion, vandalism done by teenagers start from the home. The percentage of vandalism is increasing every year because of the lack of parental supervision or responsibility over their children. Teenagers are influenced by their friends and the mass media. At home, some of the problem faced, could be divorced parents or quarrellings by them. This will make teenagers feel insecure and uncomfortable when they stay at home. Thus, it will end up with the teenagers vandalizing public properties like the telephone booth, spraying and writing on walls in toilets and bus stations. In this situation, parents should take the responsibility regarding vandalism by controlling activities of teenagers with proper religious or moral education. Parents should set a proper timetable for the children too.

Nowadays, parents are too busy and materialistic. They want to live a better life so are always busy. They tend to neglect their off springs in trying to earn more money for the family. If teenagers come to them and want to ask for their advice, parents will give a lot of excuses and they don't have time to listen to them. They are too busy with their office work. As a result, the children will be rebellious and resort to vandalism. They feel alone and want to damage things in public areas as a way to release their anger.

Moreover, lack of parental supervision towards their children also leads them to destroy public amenities. Sometimes, parents pay too much concentration on the youngest child. Then, the elder children will reject their...
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