Parents Should Have a License to Have Children

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Question of Policy: 13. Parents should have a license for having children.

I think so. It's pretty ridiculous that anyone can procreate and keep the kids, but you have go to through red tape, often for years!, to adopt. 

Everyone should be required to take parenting classes through an unbiased (aka non-religious) source, like a hospital. I say non-religious because the discussions will undoubtedly change to moral rearing, when the biggest problems are with physical and logical raising. I have no problem with kids being raised with religion, of course.

Now, we can't control people getting pregnant unless we have mandatory sterilization of some people--but, we really couldn't do that with our rules on medicine (and people change as they age). However, the moment you go to your doctor for your first appointment, you should have to sign up for those parenting classes.

If you really want the kids, you will make time for the classes. I don't really care how busy you are. I'm in class or working for about 12 hours per day, and if I got pregnant, I would make the damn time because it would be for the well-being of my children.

1. Less accidents (parents are informed of different precautions with children). 2. Precursor for disease prevention (blood tests could determine diseases) 3. Will baby be raised in a psychologically stable environment? (If one of the parents is a sexual offender, parental rights will not be allowed). 4. May lead to less crime (Offenders are often known to be raised in a deviant environment).

1. The population-replacement level is already low.
2. It interferes with our right to reproduce.
3. It is costly (doctors will have to operate on every woman, and be able to reverse the process). 4. How are you going to control sexual behavior?
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No, and here's why:

1. While it feels logical on some level,...
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