Parents Should Be Punished When Their Child Breaks the Law

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Parents Should be Punished When Their Child Breaks the Law

Nowadays, committing crimes has become a more and more frequent action. Children let themselves comit a crime for many reasons. In my opinion, some of them are social communication, television, computers and family. If a child commits a crime, parents should take some responsibility, but it depends on a crime. Social communication has a strong influence on children. When they start going to school they encounter society, where they face new situations, quite frequently aggression. Unfortunately, adults not always have enough time fot their children. Parent’s role is very important and the problem should be approached seriously. For instance, in a fight between children at school, they should not be punished without an adequate explanation. Parents and teachers are those who should explain to the kids why this act is wrong in a way that the kid can draw a lesson. Sadly, television and computers have become more popular than books and newspapers. Children have free access to films and games, which can show them violence, fighting, blood, sexual scenes. All of the above mentioned are bad factors. Computer games make them aggressive. Maybe parents do not have enough time to control what their kids watch, but this cannot be excused. There are many families with problems. Alcohol and violence take main part in some of them, permanently. Kids become witnesses of quarrels between their mother and father, because one of them or both are drunk. It is not rarity when beatings happen in front of the children’s eyes. Unfortunately, this is the exact example they follow in the future. Parents are the only one guilty, when their child breaks the law. It is very possible a child from this kind of family circle to take drugs, to drink alcohol or even become a murderer. It is seen that in all of the cases above, parents are responsible for their kids. And they should be punished...
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