Parents Role in Education

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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“I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose is an excerpt from his book Lives on the Boundary about his time in Our Lady Mercy High School’s education system. He went into Vocational education because of a mix-up in his tests with another student. With this mix-up and teachers who would not put in the effort to help him succeed occurring, Rose lost all motivation in studying in his classes. Rose finally found a teacher who cared about his success in school and helped Rose get back into regular college-prep classes. This motivation from one teacher helped Rose in going to college and being successful. Where were Rose’s parents when all of this happened? Did they not have a conference with his teachers, or try to help him out with his schoolwork, or did they just not care about their child’s education. Parents are an important role in a child’s education and there are many reasons as to why parents are not involved in their child’s education as they should be.

Parents that are unfortunate enough to have a low income or are a single parent have a harder time trying to be involved in their child’s education. Parents who have the extra time do not manage their time correctly or make a schedule that involves the child more. A simple way to be more involved with their child’s education would be to ask the child about their school day as a routine dinner conversation or as they are doing small household tasks. Most parents’ reasoning as to why they are not involved is because jobs are a major hindering factor as to why they are not involved as they should be. Working long hard hours at a job can be very exhausting on a parent. By working these long hard hours the parent may not have the time to see the child especially if they work the graveyard shift, and this even harder on a single parent because sometime they stretch themselves to thin. With today’s economy both parents have to work to make ends, meet and single parents are working two jobs. With this taken into...
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