Parents Love

Topics: High school, Goal, Plan Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Faate’a Sagaga
04/ 26/2013
Period 2nd
What do we owe to our parents?

“There is no love greater than a parents love.” My parents are amazing parents. Without them I would not be the strong and healthy young men I am today. My parents deserve to be happy, in order for that to happen, they want to see me succeed in life, be happy, and live life to the fullest. I owe my parents a lot, because they are the ones who welcome me in this world. And without them I wouldn’t gain the knowledge that I have today. So in return, when I succeed in life, I would make them the happiest parents in the world. I thank them for never giving up on me, although sometimes I am very stubborn. The relationship between the parents and their children is special. Though parents may seem to be harsh, just because they want the best for them. They want their children to grow up disciplined and strong. Parents are the first people who deserve your attention. Through all the years they put efforts to protect you from troubles. We all know our parents will always by our side when we get in trouble or lose everything. They are the ones who pay for your college tuition, your food, and a place to stay. They will help as much as they can. I am thankful that I am proud to be their son, and more than happy I have them by my side. I wouldn’t ask for anything else other than a happy and strong eternal family. My parents are my inspirational in life, my role models. They always encourage me to keep doing the right thing and keep going to school and I still am. My parents are the best parents ever, I love you mom and dad. Naomi Asopaolo

Period 7th

What do you want to achieve in life?

What I want to achieve in life is my degree. Degree is the most important educational technique there is. Not only I can take classes to get one, but it has a limitation to what the requirements. In achieving, I want to...
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