Parents Just Don't Understand, Comparison of Rose for Emily & Hooked by Buzzer

Topics: Short story, Mother, Protagonist Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Parents Just Don’t Understand, or can’t see My World
In the following stories; “A Rose for Emily”, by William Faulkner, “Heavy set”, by Ray Bradbury, “Hooked on Buzzer”, by Elizabeth Massie, all child to parent relationships and visions of reality motifs are apparent and quite similar. As far as relationships each causes the children to lead destructive lives and, end up ruining their lives.  Versions of reality are also common in each story.   Each character thinks that their reality is normal and acceptable at one point.  Parent relationships and visions of reality motifs are also different.   The Version of reality view by society is different, as in each child to parent relationship has a different affect. In Rose for Emily, the child to parent relationship shared by Emily and her father ruins Emily’s life.   Emily is vaulted onto a pedestal by her father. This creates a division from normality in a thriving world, and the ‘’high and mighty Griersons.”    A portrait of Emily and her father hangs in their house, in which her father holds a whip as if he is guarding her.   This picture warned boys away, and illustrated the hold the father had over Emily.  Emily Grierson missed out on many important life crossroads such as, adolescent love, and marriage. Her father kept Emily isolated and away from her natural feelings and aspirations of a family. When her father dies, Emily refuses to release the body.   She wants to hold on to the only man that she ever loved and really knew.  At Emily’s funeral another picture of her father sits over her coffin, this illustrates the hold her father has even in death. This unhealthy relationship between Emily and her father is grave.  The relationship between child and parent is the same for William, in “Heavy Set”.  Within this story the main character William is a 30 year old man trapped in a young teenager’s body. His relationship with his mother is also ruins his life.  She fosters this dependency that William can not...
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