Parents Interview Report

Topics: Coca-Cola, Money, Convenience store Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Parents Interview Report:
Question: What are your political & economic views & how have they changed? Response: My mom is a republican and has many opinions. For example, a couple is: she is against abortions, gay rights, and keeps a strong stance in holding to the standards of our fore fathers. She thinks that we should keep more of our manufactured goods rather than trade out of the country so much, in doing so we should take the expense to produce in American more than in other countries. If we kept the work in America we wouldn’t have so many people on unemployment. Foreign trade has escalated intensely. Economics have been a series of tax increase for as long as she has known. This is how inflation has gotten – you can pay $0.69 for a two liter of coke at the grocery store and then go to a convenient store and pay $1.75 for a 16oz coke, just for the convenience. Supply & Demand – examples would be, when everyone lost their job and no one could get work anywhere. Supply went down because the demand went down; if there is no supply then there isn’t any demand for it. People said that Americans spent more money during Christmas season than any other time of the year. But the past couple of years, we gave no reason for people to say that anymore. Reason being is that job loss and the instability makes it hard to have money to spend. The economy has gone way down here recently and could possibly just keep getting worse. In the stock markets you may be able to make a profit IF you’re lucky. For example, my mom’s friend lost $100,000 because the economy went so far down, that it crashed.

Question: What are your religious & scientific views and how has it changed? Response: The government has taken prayer to vote the Bible out, which is one example of how the religious views of back then have changed dramatically. The government has created an entirely new generation of thinking and it’s all scientific. There is nothing based on Christian beliefs teaching...
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