“Parents Have the Most Important and Lasting Impact on the Overall Development and Socialization of Their Child.”

Topics: Parenting styles, Sociology, Parenting Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: May 17, 2011
“Parents have the most important and lasting impact on the overall development and socialization of their child.” As children grow up, there are many factors which influence their attitudes and behaviors. It is generally learned first from their parents, then the socialization. This statement shows us that correct form different parts, which are sociological theories, the role of parents and parenting styles, care by others and the influence of society.

According to two of the sociological theories are functionalism and systems theory. Functionalism attempts to explain how a society is organized to perform its required functions effectively; it focuses on how the structures function within society. Parents have their own responsibility in the families, they add the concept of reproduction to their children, because a population growth can become wealthier; to take care of the children who cannot care for themselves; they are responsibility teaching the socializing to the them; and controlling the behavior of their children. It is very important and having deeply impact on the development of their children. Systems theory is the other sociological theory that attempts to explain how groups of individuals interact as a system, a set of different parts that work together and influence one another in a relatively stable way over time. Parents have different parts of responsibilities for their children before their children grow up. Mothers have to take care of them and teaching the socializing to them. Fathers have to add the concept of reproduction to their children. Over time, children absorb the concept form their parents, so that parents have a large parts of affect for them.

A long time ago, human had divided by different small villages. Both of them are independence that has not been influenced by the others. They also are self-sufficiency. Everyone has their own talent, such as hunting, waving, farming and so on. In that time, family had to provide their...
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