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Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Both parents and teachers have a huge significant part in students’ life that can build tough-positive relationship between teachers and their students. First of all, as parents, especially mothers, do raise their kids first before sending them to schools, in the same time, parents are preparing them before school. In other words, house prepares kids for school, and school prepares kids for outside world. As a result, any issue that concerns students in schools especially that involves teachers, would be healthier if discussing it with students’ parents first. In “Teachers or Parents: Who’s More Important?”, the author is claiming, “As the child gets older the parent continues to dominate as the most important element in a child’s attitude and thus learning. Especially since most children spend less than ten percent of a calendar year in school” (Haskvitz ). Likewise, teachers also have an important impact that can play positively in order to keep the line connecting students to teachers strong and comfortable in the same time. So, teacher’s job is not a regular job, but it is a very weighty job for being producing “children” (Keizer 631). In addition, by creating a respectful and comfortable environment, easily, teachers would gain their students’ love and trust. Therefore, I strongly believe both families and instructors are the most underlined factors that control students’ relationships with their instructors. There were some negative incidences had occurred that did reflect teachers and parents being weak factors that let students hating teachers. A teacher also can harmfully play his/her role on students’ feelings as much as positively. In “Why We Hate Teachers”, the author is remembering negative memories about his teacher “I remember her punishing a boy who'd meandered into the girls' bathroom by forcing him to wear a cardboard sign that read I AM A GIRL TODAY” (Keizer 626)! So, the penalty would discipline and warn him and others to “watch out” next...
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