Parents Do Not Understand Teenagers

Topics: Family, Sociology, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Parents do not understand teenagers

In the past, agricultural social structure simplifies the relationship between parents and teenagers. Without media, there is no pornography, drug and drinking abuse. Without high-tech computer and academic pressure, teenagers have plenty of time to deal with parent and learn filial piety and etiquettes. Parents absolutely have the high status in the family and teenagers only have a “submission” word in their dictionary. Currently, patriarchy no longer dominates our society. Feminists strive for their equal rights. Similarly, teenagers gradually have their opinions and debate with parents. In face of the more complicate situation, parents mostly fail to establish good relationship with their teenagers. Under the circumstance, how to understand teenagers and how to establish good relationship with them becomes a very important issue. On the one hand, you have to perceive the causes why conflicts form between you and them. On the other hand, you have to find the solutions how to convert the conflicts into harmony. In my opinion, I summarize three key points.

Primarily, following the development of computerization, technological social structure breaches the intimate relationship between parents and teenagers. Teenagers are obsessed to absorb explosively up-to-date information and knowledge no matter whether they are benign or malicious to affect their physical or psychological health. Their purpose is in order to catch up with their peers without being isolated. They are keen to find their belongings and pay little attention to parents. Under the circumstance, parents have to persistently refresh themselves by means of learning and studying as to have a chance to personate as teenagers’ peers. Otherwise, parents will quickly be left behind. Thinking about it.” Who are willing to deal with a stubbornly dim-witted creature without sense and skills?’ My parents have already sensed the disadvantageous...
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