Parents Day Speech

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Hint-After saying hello and welcoming them mention how pleased the students are to be able to share aspects of their school work and classroom. Also say thank you on behalf of the other students for taking the time to come and also thanks for all the support they give you at home. Then finish with saying you hope they enjoy the day.  Parents Day is a gesture of honor given children by to their parents to show their love and respect for them. It is a perfect gift of recognizing the educational and proclamation efforts that parents put in the upbringing of their children. Parents Day is considered very special society as it acknowledges the dedication and unconditional love and support that parents give to their children despite of any problem they face in life to accomplish it. The support of parents is considered to be very important in the growth and development of the children in both emotional and academic front. The day provides an excellent medium to maintain good communication between two generations and helps in building the emotional and mental bond stronger.  The entire family comes together to celebrate this event with great enthusiasm and gusto. For parents, the day is the acknowledgment of their successful transformation from man and woman to husband and wife, and thus to a stronger connection of being a parent together. It shows that the efforts they have put in the upbringing of their children are right and are in the right direction. Thinking & Wisdom

It is difficult to learn. It is even more difficult to apply one’s learning to a given task, and yet that is what our school community aims for: providing students with the knowledge, skills and confidence so that they can indeed make good changes in the world. The teachers at Riverdale Country School have all talked about basic skills and ensuring that students leave with the type of cultural capital that they need to move on to the next steps in their education; however,...
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