Parents Are the One to Blame for Childhood Obesity

Topics: Family, Vietnam, Vietnam War Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Ann Vu
Period 3
Mr. Patton

Have you ever had a family member or maybe friends who you know that inspired you the most? Of all the family members and friends I knew the person I admire the most is my loving grandma, my mother's mom. Her name is Vy Nguyen; she was born and raised in a poor family in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. My grandma is truly an important role of my family. I've heard many stories told by my mom about the struggles and challenges my grandma went through when she and grandpa tried to escape the communists and when they first came to the United States. I've always admired her because of her strength, patience, bravery, but most of all, her hard work.

During the years of communist quest for control power, many bloody battles broke out. Grandma and grandpa had witness many executions and interrogations of landowners, farmers, and religious priests by the communists. Grandpa often had to run and hide in the jungle or rice field leaving my grandma and the children behind. My grandma had to overcome her fear to tend for her family and my elder great grandparent. She alone had to run the farm and take care of the rice field to support the family. Grandma vowed to escape the communist regime. Through the Geneva Convention was signed in 1954, millions of people from the north fled to south Vietnam, which is considered democracy. Grandma and grandma were among them. They travel on foot at night; they managed to get around check points and barricades. Their quest for freedom finally succeeds. She and grandpa reached Hai Phong Harbor where big ships waiting to make its journey to the south. As the communist take over the south in 1975, my grandma and grandpa once again left everything behind and escaped Vietnam in a small boat and came to the United States along with my grandpa, four uncles, two aunts and my mother. My aunts and uncles' ages range from two to fifteen years old...
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