Parents Are the Best Teachers.

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Parents are best teachers, advisers and supporters to every people in this world. They are the one who loves us unconditionally and gives their fullest to us. Their love and support makes a child into a mature, respectable and organized man. From day one of our lives, parents are the one who cares and molds us in every step of our lives. Parents teach us to walk our first step, speak our first word and see the world through their eyes. They give guidance in our studies, teach us good manners, shape us in teen age and show us vision of life and our goal. Mother and father are in constant contact with their children, so automatically the children are drawn to what parent tell them in their daily lives. As everyone say that there is parent`s effort, determination and love behind successful man. They make us a perfectly shaped coin from an unmolded piece of metal. On the other hand, an academic teacher helps us in our studies and extracurricular activities but parents are more influential than teachers. Even though some prefer their teacher over parents, in my opinion, parents are best of all teachers. Teacher are not constantly watching each and every disciples, they have responsibilities of many and have to share knowledge to all. Each and every disciple cannot get access to teacher personally. Teachers keep on changing according to the level of studies, so for some there will never be enough time to understand their students to train them according to their capacities. We can see biasness in some institute, like giving priority to intelligent one and not concerning weaker one, even though these things are seen rarely but it happens. Thus, as parents play key role in our lives, I agree with the point that parents are the best teachers of our lives.
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