Parents Are the Best Teachers

Topics: Teacher, Love, Education Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: January 13, 2013
From infanthood to adolescence, parents always have an extremely great impact on us, both positive and negative influence. From my personal angle, despite some of their bad behaviors, parents are still the best teachers that I have ever known because of the following reasons.

First and foremost, thanks to our parents, we can exist in this world and grow up like a true human being. They bear children and have responsibility for nurturing them. On being a small child, parents lull us to sleep, teach us how to speak, stand and walk. When we become the adolescent, parents often teach us the basic things to be a perfect person, for example, etiquette and behavior. Furthermore, the characteristics of parents also affect the young’s personalities. For instance, my father never drinks alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Therefore, my brother usually refuses to drink wine and he also advises his friends to give up those bad habits.

Secondly, some people assume that only teachers are qualified to teach, but it is extremely troublesome to find an instructor who has an ability to pass down both academic knowledge and practical experience like our parents. For example, when I was a young student, I used to ask my father to help me solve the mathematics exercises, even though he is a merchant. As you see, our parents may be not specialized in all specific fields, but they have a kind of instinct to sacrifice for the betterment of their children. At school, children have many opportunities to learn science and art. In contrast, the schoolteachers do not train them to cook, weave or repair machines like our parents. They are not only a loyal friend but also a reliable consultant. They are willing to help us encounter the difficulties and share with us both happiness and sorrow.

Last but not least, parents give us passionate love and the feeling of a true family. Everything they sacrifice is derived from affection and the consciousness of responsibility. But for their love, we...
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