Parents Are Our Best Friend

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parent are our best friends
Parents - a combination of 2 people who cares for their child ,accept him/her without any prejudice,stand by for all the actions /reactions ,un- conditional support for what ever we want to do and willing to walk an extra mile to see a smile on our face ... can you find any one else in and around you, who can do all this, without anything in returns ??? The answer is NO..that means parents are the BEST friend for each one of us .. Lets look at our daily routine ..from waking us up in the morning push us to get ready quickly...prepare our breakfast and lunch...drop us at the bus stops with pots of energy ...and THIS ENERGY is what we carry all through the day ... They are the one who wait for us anxiously at home in the afternoon...ensure that we eat properly and take rest ...while we take rest they keep track of our daily dairy and homework...make sure we complete the same before we go for our evening schedule of games...there too our parents are the one who run around ,search a good trainer and ensure we have the best of time learning even games ..all this for what ...a smile on our face ..thats called a REAL Friend.. the later part of the day is no different ...ensure a check on how much we watch tv or play on playstation...actively participate and help in our projects ..serves us a delicious dinner and a lovely hug to ensure sound sleep we need more ??? fortunatley/unfortunately all of us get all of these irrespective of our parents social status ,size of our families or amount of pocket money they can offer too... I believe each one of us are LUCKY to have such lovely parents with us ... Thank You
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