Parenting Techniques and Their Influences on Their Child’s Behavior and Habits.

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Childhood Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Parenting Techniques and Their Influences on Their Child’s Behavior and Habits. McNeese State University

Parenting techniques and beliefs are essential to the growth of any child. Parents instill habits, behaviors, and moral sense in to their children at an early age. Children benefit when parents engage themselves in to their child’s life. In saying that, parents also have to learn to adapt to what their child needs and teach them to assert themselves and become independent. Habits children pick up are usually either picked up from their parents or tolerated by their parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to assess what is right for their child and correct any bad habits they may learn along the way. Socioeconomic status is a huge factor in how a topic of parenting techniques can be studied. Any subject pertaining to parenting style and their influences can be linked to their social class. I will focus most of my discussion on the effects of overall parenting techniques and how socioeconomic factors and be linked to those techniques.

Keywords: parenting styles, socioeconomic status, children

Parenting Techniques and Their Influences on Their Child’s Behavior and Habits. Parenting techniques are a very important factor in the development of children. Children learn from an early age their moral senses, the behaviors and habits that are acceptable, and they develop an understanding on what role their actions can play in their life. Parenting along with socioeconomic status and culture are great determining factors in understanding how a child has learned from their parents and what to expect from that particular child. Parents evolve their parenting techniques as they learn how their child naturally behaves and as the child learns from what the parents have instilled. In the study conducted by Rubin, Nelson, Hastings, and Asendorpf (1999), the primary purpose was to investigate the relations...
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