Parenting Styles/ Culturation

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Childrearing Styles

There are many cultures all over the world and each culture has different ways in which parents raise their children. In the United States, we are socially constructed to be individualized and are raised in way to be that way. Childrearing is a key component in social development (Keller, 2004). Parenting styles depict how fast and when a child develops self- regulation and self- recognition. In this paper, I will focus on the development of self-regulation in infants and the parenting styles that were used. I will talk about infants brought up in Cameroonian Nso, and Costa Rican cultures. I will also discuss parents in a German Culture who raise their child in ways so they become self –reliant, which is in similar ways of parenting styles for babies who have an earlier experience of self-recognition.

What is self-regulation? It is the child’s ability to follow customs and norms taught by their parents and other social figures around them. Compliance is also involved in self-regulation (Kelly, 2004). Compliance is when the child obeys the mother or father because of a well-developed relationship (LeVine & Norman 1994). In two studies we can observe two different parenting styles, from two different cultures, but both end with their baby becoming compliant and being able to self-regulate itself.

Mothers from the Cameroonian Nso culture stress proximal parenting when raising a child. Proximal Parenting is when the caregiver is physically close with a baby by frequently holding or touching (Kelly, 2007). Body contact and stimulation promotes unity within the relationship between the baby and the mother. Body contact also comforts babies when they are distressed (Kelly, 2007). Babies from the Cameroonian Nso culture were studied and the result showed that they were demonstrating more self-regulation at 18-20 months and also showed to be more compliant than babies who were brought up with a distal parenting style. Distal parenting is...
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