Parenting Styles

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Authoritarian vs. Permissive Parenting
Authoritarian and permissive parenting styles differ in their own way, but at the end style is all the same. Some parents think that the style of parenting have a big effect on the way a child grows up. Authoritarian parenting style is based on extremely strict disciplinary rules, imposed on the children with minimum amount of freedom in when the parents stress their own choices or opinions. Permissive parenting style is accepting and affirmative of the child but makes few demands for responsibility or conduct. Despite the difference of the styles, parents still have the same goals. Parents still discipline; punish; share love, affection, and development; and guide their children.

All parents have some structure of discipline. Most parents make rules and expect for the child to abide by them. Discipline is just a set of rule that parents set to help children learn appropriate behaviors and make good choices. To go along with discipline parents also organization a punishment to match every rule that the child disobeys. Parents punish their children to teach them lessons. While permissive parents may talk to or take something away from the child to punish them, the authoritarian parent may yell or shout at the child and give a harsh punishment. The child will still learn right from wrong with the punishment.

All children want parents to love them, show them affection, and help them develop. Parents seek it as their requirement to make sure that their children are loved and cared for at all times. Some may show their love and affection in different ways but it all always there. The need for helping the child develop into a productive individual plays an important role in parenting. Affection and love makes the child happy, making the child feel comfortable to be around their parents. Authoritarian parents may not show the child any affection, while permissive parents show affection all the time. Whether the child knows...
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