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I believe that my parenting style when I have children will be Democratic. I believe that this parenting style is the best way to go because you aren’t telling your kids what to do when to do it how to do it, but at the same time you aren’t letting them have complete control of things. By being a democratic parent you make your child self-reliant, self-controlled, they tend to be happier children and they are less likely to be disruptive. They tend to be high achievers I school, other actives, and just in live itself. I don’t think just telling my kid how and when to do things is the best thing either because then they might rebel against me and my husband, and by giving them all the freedom in the world that is just asking for trouble once they become a teenager.

I believe who has influenced me to be a democratic parent would have to be my own parents. This is the parenting style that they use while my sisters and I were growing up. As children they always set boundaries but anytime we had a question why they set those or why we couldn’t do that thing they would always sit down and explain to us their reasoning which I believe helped us understand where they were coming from. As we got older and starting going out with our friends and boyfriends they had to set a curfew and it was always 9:30pm on school nights and 11:30-12:00 on weekends depending on what we were doing and who we were going with. What has influenced me would have to be just seeing how all my family parented my cousins they had the same parenting style as my parents, but some of my friends parents let their kids do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They never asked who they were going with when they would be home. I like that parents want to know where I am and who I am with it makes me feel that they love me. Some kids think that their parents are being over protective, but I know my parents are just asking all these questions because they care about me and want to know where I...
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