Parenting Skills

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  • Published : November 13, 2011
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When I was little there were times when my parents negotiated with me involving punishments behind my actions. When I asked "why?" more than one time then I would be slapped. My parent’s responses to my response are mostly "because I said so." Most of the time I would talk back to my mother and just keep asking "why?" or say "this isn’t fair." When I say that I would always think to myself how unfair life can really be and that life isn’t always fair. While I am talking back to my mother or keep asking the say question then my father would walk in and tell me to do it or respect my mother. When my father tells me I would do it because I am afraid of him when I was little. Most of the time if I see my father coming I would run away and go do what my mother do me to do. If my father catches me after he walks away to go get his belt or reach across the table to give me a quick slap across the mouth. I would be trying to not cry and hold back the tears while hiding my head under my arms and the negotiation would be complete. Today has a different view on negotiations. Parenting skills aren’t has harsh anymore or how they use to be. They aren’t that controlling or learnable by how well parents help or guide their child’s into becoming a well-rounded person to prepare them for the big world. Also, to teach those to be respect to their elders and teachers. It will make them to have a great working ethics when they get older. My parent also made me get to a job so I can have good work ethic and use to working for others and the world. The goal of the negotiation is to have a long-term value for their child’s ethics and productive behaviors, which means teaching and learning from mistakes you make. I have disobeyed my parents like not listen to them, talking back to them, and breaking and losing things. All of the chances that I have had are mostly punishment that isn’t really used on me that moment because my parents and I would talk about what I have did and what I can...
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