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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Subject| Guiding Questions| Your Responses|

Consider all possible solutions or alternatives. | 1. Give three possible solutions to the environmental issue you are investigating. 2. Why would some people oppose the solutions you have chosen?|  We could build up, instead of out. Use less land and parking space for each business. Do not build in places that were already homes of wildlife.Some people especially business owners would oppose because then they do not have enough space for their customers.| Calculate the consequences of these solutions—both intended and unintended at all levels of the economy.| 1. What positive or negative externalities does this issue present at each sector of the economy? Refer to your circular-flow diagram. 2. What incentives do individuals, businesses, and government have to act on each possible solution? 3. What are the externalities, both positive and negative that could result from each possible solution?|  Allows for businesses to be more green and save money by not taking up so much space and having to pay for the extra heating/cooling. Also could be bad because they could lose money due to not enough area for customers to visit their business.Individuals can help by supporting wildlife conservations and saving the land. And the government could put up building permits in certain areas so that they cannot be built up on in that specific area.Positively they could help the world get cleaner and healthier air with more trees and preserve it for future generations. Negatively it could put a lot of people out of work, or force them to work from home.| Research Notes
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